We at Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS would like for you to consider volunteering with us. We are an all volunteer fire, rescue and EMS department. We strive to uphold the highest level of service and integrity for our citizens. We currently provide a multitude of services to our community. Some of the services we perform include fire suppression, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, public safety diving, swift water rescue, surface water rescue and 911 medical calls 

There are many roles that you, as a volunteer, can perform. You can join us and perform limited or limitless roles such as being a driver/operator, an interior firefighter, a technical rescuer, a scuba diver,  rescue swimmer or an EMT. If you are looking to volunteer, but are unable to respond to emergency calls, there are also roles in which you can perform. You can perform administrative duties, help with community outreach, impart knowledge of fire prevention, help with fundraisers, and much more.

Volunteers can join as young as age 14 and can learn valuable skills for the future. Our junior firefighter program encompasses teenagers, ages 14 through 17, in an environment like no other. These cadets can learn and train to become firefighters and will be able to respond to emergency calls as part of a team. This environment is one built on teaching the youth the importance of pride and honor within the community, along with the satisfaction of making a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please click on the link below to complete an application.

Application for Membership