Swift Water & Surface Water Rescue

Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS provides swift water
rescue services to the waterous areas of Northampton County.
Areas that have a strong potential for such services include the
Roanoke River, Roanoke Rapids Lake, Lake Gaston, and the
Meherrin River. On call for rescue services, the department has
two flat-bottomed aluminum boats, a large fiberglass flat-
bottomed boat, a small jon boat, and an inflatable boat. The
team is available to perform rescue and recovery efforts when
called upon.

Public Safety Diving

Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS provides recovery efforts for the numerous areas of still and flowing water in Northampton County. Such places that may be used for recovery diving include the Roanoke River, Roanoke Rapids Lake, Lake Gaston, ponds and streams. The recovery efforts of the dive team may be used for such purposes as locating bodies, finding evidence used in a crime, and removing submerged vehicles or watercrafts.

Rope Rescue

Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS provides rope rescue services to the citizens of Northampton County. The department is trained to safely remove injured people who are incapable of being rescued by normal means. Potential locations that may require rope rescue include man holes, ravines, silos, rivers, commercial and residential buildings, and water towers.

Vehicle Extrication

Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS provides extrication services within its fire district along with providing services
for Northampton County. The department is trained to
remove victims that are either trapped or entangled. Motor vehicle accidents that may require extrication include
rollovers, head-on collisions, multiple car crashes, and any
type of machinery entanglement. The department is heavy rescue certified and has a rescue vehicle that is well capable of handling incidents. The rescue vehicle has equipment such as hydraulic tools, high lift jacks, air tools, and a variety of hand tools that provides for a successful extrication.

Fire Suppression

Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS provides emergency response to preserve life, property, and  the environment by controlling and extinguishing fires. The department suppresses fires in homes, commercial industries, vehicles, forests, and any other location that may present a risk for fire. Through training and experience, the department has the ability to deal with almost any type of fire.